Sunday, August 30, 2009

Date 15- Feeling a bit guilty

Alright friends! I went to lunch with Date 15 on Friday at Grand House! Honestly, I enjoyed myself more on this date than I thought I would. I could really see that Date 15 felt more comfortable and wasn't nervous this time around. It makes such a difference!

I have asked quite a few people over the past couple days if they think I need to come clean with Date 15. Everyone has a varied opinion but until I feel like it could get serious with this fella, I don't think I will tell him. No need to open that pandora's box at this point!

It is funny how this guy has progressed in the dating hierarchy. Coffee first, then lunch and now has asked me for dinner.

We will just have to see how dinner goes this week.....keep reading1

Friday, August 28, 2009

Date 15- Lunch date today

Lunch date scheduled today with #15. Stay tuned for details....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Date 14- B/c he didn't know

As I mentioned before I left for Date 14, this bachelor is not aware of the 52 in 52 campaign. Now many of you have expressed your concern with me not sharing this fact with him on the first date. Quote from Allison.. "but when you fall in love with this one and he finds out on facebook that you lied to him, what will happen then.." My answer to this, add it to the movie plot that you are all undoubtedly mentally writing about my dates but I will cross that bridge when I get there!

Now, this was the first date of all of them that was not aware of the dating campaign. As I was walking to Bricktown before the date, I realized that this guy is actually interested in finding a girlfriend instead of just seeing what this 52 in 52 is all about. This is the first time I have been nervous on ANY of my dates. Honestly, I think the 52 in 52 has been a crutch for me on my dates. An easy ice breaker and helps take off the pressure. I could tell he was nervous. This was new for me b/c I don't think any of the previous dates have been terribly nervous.

We sat and chatted for almost a few hours. It was very easy conversation and I could tell as we kept talking that we were both letting more of our personality show through. I sense we are both pretty sarcastic people, but you never know how a stranger will respond to your sarcastic commentary, so I try to turn it on low for first dates. Conversation remained on pretty generic topics about jobs, friends, family, football, etc. I think Date 14 was feeling me out to see if he wanted to move onto the next step in dating...lunch! And he does.....Date 15 is lunch.

I wish I could really articulate for all of you the difference from this date from the others. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to go on dates with a few more bachelors who are unaware and get a better sense of the differences in the dynamic of the date. you part and set me up!!! :)

Keep reading...we are officially in the 2nd quarter and need to keep the momentum going in halftime!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Date #14- 1/4 of the way there

Can you all believe that I am a fourth of the way through this dating journey already! So many people thought i\I wouldn't make it past week 3! It has truly been an emotional rollacoaster so far but totally worth it. 

Today, we are going out with Date 14. We are meeting for coffee. First off, I hate coffee but whatever. I think the coffee date is so safe. It has the potential to lead into a longer date or it can be cut off after one cup. Everyone knows thats why you set them up. So..we will see if this date is more than a one cupper! HA! 

Stay tuned for post date blog! This boy is unaware of the 52 in 52, so I am excited to not have to explain it again on a date! 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Unlucky 13.....

Well, I apologize for how long it has taken me to post about Date #13. 

Honestly, I should of expected this to happen sometime throughout the year but how ironic on unlucky  Date #13.  I got stood up! Plans were made and Date #13  didn't show! This is a dating experience that everyone should expect and now I can check it off the list. 

who knows if there was a miscommunication, or if DAte #13 just didn't want to come, but mark it off to life experiences for me !

Lets hope that 14 brings back some good luck! 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Date #12...Lesson learned

Over the weekend I took a road trip back to Wichita and went on Date #12 which we will refer to as a non-date because apparently the word date brings pressure with it.  This was a repeat dater....which I think thats where to pressure comes from not the word date. But I went with it. 

Date #12 (more commonly known as Date #3) went the low key route for our date and invited me over for pizza and a movie.  It was actually nice to lay low for an evening and enjoy each others company.  I even had a chance to give Guitar Hero a try....this is what I will now refer to as the guys version of Dance Dance Revolution. At least I kicked his ass the first time at DDR!. 

As I continue on this dating journey, I have found myself learning quite a few life lessons as we move along and I thought it might be time to start sharing them with all of you. Some are very funny and others are really things that will help me figure out this dating thing, but tonight the focus will be more on the serious side.  
    Lesson #1: Expectation-communication=frustration 
    Explanation:  With any first date comes a flood of ideas or expectations of where it will or       could lead to.  In the context of the 52 in 52, I am finding out that men and women's expectations of a "date" are very different.   Honestly, my expectations are more in line with a guys in this process than one would expect from me.  Shouldn't be a problem unless  I actually find myself liking one of them.  I found that I have already set myself up to fail because the expectations I set from the beginning are now not in line with my feelings. This is where COMMUNICATION is key.  With this process, I have to learn to communicate my feelings,  unlike the average girl who just gives off hints (that she is interested) that she expects boys to pick up on. Here is the FRUSTRATION: My "hints" go against the expectations that I have already set, hence the need for me to COMMUNICATE. 

I have never been that strong of a communicator in the boys department, so this lesson is a tough one for me to put into practice. But hey, I still have 40 dates to go! 

New dater scheduled for for Thursday! Look forward to the pre-date interview this week! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Date 11- 3peat

After going to dinner with a close friend who is an avid reader of the blog, I have been told i must be 100% honest about my dates and not hide any from you all. So....Date #11 occurred last night! you guessed it, it was the same bachelor from the past two dates. You could now call him a three-peat! 

The person who helped set up the initial date hosts a local comedy show here in OKC at the Speak Easy. So we based our date around attending. Now i did this knowingly that my friends were likely to show up for the show to scout out the date. (and of know they did). 

We started the night with a great dinner at Pepperoni Grill. I only name the restaurant this time b/c it is based in Penn Square Mall which will play into my stories later.  First off, Date #11 informed me early on that he was a same side of the booth kind of guy. Now, although I can see the appeal of this seating arrangement I have always made fun of those that actually commit to it in public. So, when the hostess sat us down at a corner booth, I will admit I have a small moment of panic that he would slide in right next to me.  Silly, i know but at the same time i am not sure it i am ready for a same side kinda meal at this point in my dating adventure!  (for the record, I sat on my own side alone :))

Our booth also offered a great view of the mall entrance which provided numerous topics for conversation. Who knew how many teenagers walk the mall with their boyfriends on a Monday night. I must of missed that step in the dating hierarchy.  Not to worry, Date #11 and I decided to head back to our teenage years and take a lap around the mall before we headed to the comedy show.  Still had a hard time seeing the appeal, but now I can check that off the list. 

You can learn a lot about a person when you see what they think is funny. A guess a great place is at a comedy show. You can always tell what my reactions are because my laugh is so distinctive. ( a girl i meet twice said she recognized my laugh over the rest of the crowds...not surprising to those of you who know me).  I was intrigued at my dates reaction to some of the hot topics because I know our political beliefs are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Its nice to see we could both laugh at ourselves. :)

The date followed the same path at the first one and we decided to head back to Sonic for another sweet treat! (He has found the way to my heart....hahaha!) There are currently no plans for another date but am hopeful! 

Now....I have gotten quote a few questions from all of you about if i actually begin to "fall" for one of these boys.  Honestly, I am not sure what I will do if that happens but as my dad says..we will cross that bridge when we get there. I am still on the hunt to go on 52 dates and am looking forward to continuing the journey! Wherever it takes me.....who knows! 

Stayed tuned...plans for a date for the weekend may be in the works 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Date #10 Follow Up

So, I provided few date details regarding Date #10. So I thought I would try to catch you all up. For all you avid readers, you know that Date #10 was a repeat dater from the previous week. 

To preface this date, I was suppose to be ready by 6pm for him to pick me up but my boss wanted to meet about some pressing issues at 5:15 so i got pulled into that. I pushed the date back to 6:30 and thought that would do it, but of course i didn't leave the office till i was in full panic mode when i hit my front door. My neighbor came down to chat and ended up helping me buckle my shoes and take the tags off of my clothes. I was brushing my teeth, hair and putting on make-up all at the same time. BUT..i was ready by 6:32! Still in panic mode but I was good to roll. 

Date #9/10 took the short tour of my apartment. Glad I came home over lunch to clean it instead of waiting till after work. I would of been totally embarrassed! My parents always said my sloppy habits would come back to bite me. And I guess they are right.....! Date #10 didn't seem to mind and gave me a nice kiss for all my troubles! (Now all of you have been asking for more juicy there you go!).  We headed to dinner up in Edmond at Bravo!. Now, this was the first date out of all 10 that i have left the Bricktown area. Crazy how when you live down here you never see a reason to leave. 

Dinner went by quickly but was fantastic! Apparently it wad date night at Bravo! because I think we spotted at least three or four couples that appeared to be on first dates. I am not going to lie. I love people watching, especially first dates.  Now that I have been a series of them, they are getting easier to spot.  Keep your eyes peeled for them....! 

After dinner, we headed back to Date #10's house in Edmond. Now, I know I have not mentioned much about Date #10 but in order to preface this story you should all know that he is in law enforcement.  Date #10 is a good shot and owns quite a few firearms. I was not mentally prepared to see them just around the house! I have never really been exposed to guns before so it was very new to me. I guess I can now add that to the list of new experiences to come out of this dating adventure. HA! 

We hung out at the house and watched the classic John Travolta movie Urban Cowboy. More of the juicy details for you all, I didn't pay much attention to the movie. Sorry Travolta....

I honestly can't believe I am already 10 week into this adventure....what a ride so far. Can't wait to see what is ahead of me!