Monday, May 31, 2010

Two more dates

I will post about date 51 and 52 tomorrow.......BUT on another note...52 in 52 COMPLETE!

Date 50- What's the Difference

Date 50

This was date #3 in 3 days, so I don't think Date 50 had much of a chance to succeed with me. I could write about our conversation but I thought it would be more fitting for me to list the red flags comments that Date 50 uttered over the course of the evening. After this many first dates people keep asking if I have found what I am looking for. I haven't found it, but I had figured out a few things that are a plus.

Red Flags:
  • When asked what he does for fun, he answered "Scrabble on my phone"
  • When asked about his family, he mentioned that he wasn't close with his family and hadn't talked to his brother in years.
  • Somehow gambling came up, and he mentioned being addicted to it...
  • His favorite movie (yes...i had to dig to make conversation) is Top Gun. Typical
  • And to top it off, he is just separated, not divorced legally yet. BUt don't worry everyone he hates his ex-wife or I mean wife.
I could go on and on with the red flags but to top it all off he still contacted me after the date to see if I would want to go out again. I tried to be as nice as I could but I didn't think I gave off that impression. Dating is a rough game of reality checks and I had another one tonight. Divorce is scary...I pray that I never know that fear.

What am I a looking for....
  • Someone who cares about their family
  • Someone who believes in love and relationships
  • Someone who is funny and laughs at my jokes
  • Someone who makes me laugh
  • Someone who is driven in the workplace
  • Someone with hobbies
  • Someone who is a REAL sports fan
  • And so on.......

I guess I am still looking for this "someone"

Date 49- In the Neighborhood

Date 49 was an online dater who was not aware of his role in my adventure. Little did he know I was on the start of a dating roll!

Date 49 suggested we meet at 7:30 at Sage. I included the time for a reason. I walked over to my neighborhood dining spot about 7:30 and meet up with Date 49. The menu was already on the table so I started reviewing it and said "I'm starving." Date 49 said he had already eaten and thought we were just meeting for drinks. Now, I could of misread the invitation but when someone suggests meeting at date dinner time at a restaurant and is sitting at a table, not the bar I guess I would think that dinner is involved. MY BAD........

We actually had really interesting conversation! His childhood was not normal and I enjoyed learning about someone unique. His parents are missionaries and he lived out of the country all through high school but couldn't stay away from OU and had to come back to Sooner country. Boomer!

Honestly the conversation was easy but nothing earth shattering. Easy going but after 2 hours I thought it was time to wrap it up. Date 49 went to the restroom. I am friends with the bartender and thought it would help speed things along if he brought the check. So...i asked them to. Not that I wasn't having fun but I think I can only have so much first date conversation.

The funniest part of this date actually happened after Date 49 left. I walked back by the restaurant on the way home and the waiter stopped me and said "I know I don't know you, but you can do way better than that guy!" I almost died laughing because the guy is right. I asked him why he felt like this and he described the awkward moments that occurred previous to my arrival at the restaurant. Apparently he has some issues picking the perfect table and had some weird exchanges with the waiter. I chalk it up to nerves but it still makes me chuckle.

Overall, Date 49 was a super nice guy and I enjoyed the evening. If these is a next time I hope that he can loosen up and have fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Date 48- Lunch, who knew?

Date 48- The count down has begun....!

Thanks to my good friends at my work place for this set up! Even though it is at the tail end of the adventure, it still counts just the same! Thanks guys.

With the challenges of my work schedule this month and trying to fit in all of these dates, Date 48 and I decided to make it a lunch get together. To be honest, I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner! With an evening date there is always the pressure of adding on activities to the initial plan if the date is going well or figuring out when to call it a night if now. Well..the lunch date avoids both! It is known going in that you have to return to work, so no stress! Brilliant if you ask me!

Date 48 was well traveled and an extreme thrill seeker. I like to think that I would be able to skydive or go camping, but when push comes to shove, I doubt I would be able to jump. (But am still willing to try..I think). We talked about all of our crazy stories from various traveling adventures. It is great to meet others who have seen the outside world otherwise known as anything outside of the Midwest. I think there is a lot to be learned out there and we should all take advantage of it.

Date 48 is a Dad! I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the whole parenting thing. As many of my friends become first time mommies (Congrats to Jen and Seth who had their little one today!!) I realize that I am not ready to give up my spare time for someone else yet like you do a child. Maybe someday....!

Date 48 and I didn't get to deep into anything due to the limited time frame of the date but I enjoyed his company and bet with more time we would of gotten into a debate of sports, OU or something.

Thanks to all of you who have been setting me up on these dates. I am still in disbelief that this adventure is coming to a close, BUT I STILL NEED YOUR HELP!! Deadline is TUESDAY, JUNE 1st!!! 4 more dates...5 days!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 minutes drill all know I speak best in sport analogies thanks to my brother so here goes...

I have 5 date to complete by June 1st. I feel like I am down 7 and am setting up for the onside kick to get a chance to win the ball game. I am confident I will make it happen but could use your support!!!

Keep the potential dates coming!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Date 47- STELLA!!!!

First off, another shout out to my LOYAL buddies for setting me up on yet another date! thanks Kristi! :)

Date 47 and I did all our initial correspondence through email, which after doing this for awhile now I think I prefer. It keeps you from having the first date on the phone instead of in person. If you ask all of those questions first, then you are left with nothing to talk about on the date. So we decided to try out a new restaurant in midtown called Stella! I really had no expectations on it, so was excited to give it at whirl.

Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I am not a short person. I am actually 5 ft 8 inches tall. I always struggle on my shoe choices because I never know how tall any particular bachelor will be. I really wanted to wear some new heels so I took a chance and wore then hoping that I wouldn't tower over my date. Wrong! I hoped that he wouldn't be bothered by this fact, but he did mention it. What can a girl do.......I love those shoes!

Date 47 was intrigued by my adventure and totally on board to participate. He was recently out of a relationship and ready to get back out there. We had a wonderful conversation about all sorts of topics including Kansas sports, family, friends, work, etc.

We had planned to head down to Live on the Plaza event but with the crazy weather we changed plans and headed to a movie in Bricktown. I laughed because Date 47 was down with seeing a chick flick. Not sure if that is b/c he wanted to be nice to me or he wanted to see the movie. Either way.....I got to see a girlie movie.

I think I mentioned this early on in my blogging but I noticed it again on this date. Bricktown on a Friday night is filled with couples! All ages, shapes and sizes. It must be Datetown instead of Bricktown. LOL

On the home stretch and still need some help........HELP!

Monday, May 17, 2010

a quick update

A quick update for everyone....

Date 47 happened
Date 48 scheduled for this week
And the plan is to do the last 4 dates NEXT WEEK!! Need to schedule if you know anyone that can help me round out the last phase of my project...LET ME KNOW


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Date 46- Something about Mary......pisses me off!

Alright, I have to start off with this one because those of you that actually know me know how much my blood boiled on this. Date 46 called me "Mary" three times even after I corrected him the first two slip ups! HOW HARD IS IT TO CALL ME BY MY NAME??????? I mean really.....after 3 times I just give up and realize that you either don't care or are not listening.

After 46 dates, I would classify myself as a seasoned pro at this first date thing, so I think I am recognizing more signs that the bachelor is nervous now since I've figured out how to not be. Date 46 must of been pretty nervous because some of those nervous tick type things came out early in the date. I try my best to look over them but they are hard not to notice. Clearing your throat, cracking knuckles, and not making eye contact are all signs of nerves and Date 46 struggled with all three to begin.

I could review the entire dinner conversation for you all but to be honest I don't think we had anything in common. This caused us to bounce from subject to subject. He was the most comfortable when I asked him about himself, as most are, so I stuck to that subject the majority of the night. Date 46 proved to be an interesting character to say the least..lets review
1)He is a magician in his spare time
2) He can ride a unicycle
3) He traveled a year with the circus (for real)

yep! I said it, traveled with the circus. That totally beats my year of traveling as a professional sorority girl for sure. Right??

We had a very nice dinner and the headed over to Harkins to see "Date Night" I will admit is was pretty funny movie and I laughed the entire time. After the movie, I decided I was finished with this date so before Date 46 could propose the idea of another activity I went ahead and called it a night. Some may call that cruel, but it was better than dragging it out.

Date 47 tonight.......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Date 46- TONIGHT

Date 46 is scheduled for tonight........that will leave me with 6 more to finish before June 1st! Talk about cutting it close!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DAte 45- I guess you can call me "yeller"

Date 45 took this thing to the next level when it comes to actually planning a date. I have to commend him for trying to steer clear of clique dating trends and thinking outside the box......! If only I wasn't a big chicken!

Normally I post a pre-date interview on the blog to preview to all of you out there my thoughts and knowledge on the bachelor, date plans,etc. Well,... Date 45 beat me to it and actually sent me a pre-date questionnaire. I have included his questions below....

Here's your pre-date questionnaire to help me firm up the options that I am weighing for our date.
1. Are you a smoker?
2. Are you afraid of heights?
3. Is there any kind of food that you just DON"T like?
4. Can you do the moonwalk?
5. Would you walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat?
6. Can you crack an egg without getting shell in the pan?
7. I'll bet you're really freaking out right now! :)
8. Don't get too worked up.
9. Remember....
10. No pressure.

Well, how bout that! Without hesitation I fired back my response knowing that this was not going to be your average "date." So, it was determined that we would meet up at Star-bucks and that I was suppose to bring tennis shoes. So..I packed some shoes in my purse and marched myself down to Bricktown to meet this bachelor. Within seconds we met, and hoped in the car and headed north on I-35. Now, I did know that Date 45 works in entertainment doing stunts, so the second we pulled into Frontier City I started to crack up.

The park was closed down and Date 45 took me to the old country western set in the middle of the park to attempt to learn some stunts. Honestly, I kinda actually felt like I was on the show the Bachelorette for a second, because this felt very staged but cool at the same time. When he turned the stage lights on and started performing his stunts....I gave in.

My stunt was to fall off the 3rd story holding onto a ladder. Simple.....Yes! It appears that way until you are standing on top of this ladder with the 45-mph gusts of winds blowing in your face. I think I might of "attempted" this stunt like 6 times but every time I got close I chickened out. Date 45 was a WONDERFUL teacher and NEVER made me feel silly for chickening out but I was mad at me. I kept flashing back to the movie "Back to the Future 3" (the wild west one) where they call him yeller...aka chicken. As I am sitting in this western themed set I could feel the criticism and people calling me chicken. "Nobody calls me yeller"...Except in this case of course because I totally chickened out.

After giving in and leaving the park, I already know that I have to go back to conquer this stupid stunt. (Mark my words on this one..I will do it)

We headed to dinner back in downtown and ended up being THOSE PEOPLE, who sneak into a restaurant right before they close and expect to be served. Lucky for us the bartender was cool and actually sat in on this portion of the date. Honestly, he never left the bar and we talked to him the entire time. I think he might of enjoyed being on the date more than Date 45 or myself.

After dinner Date 45 challenged me to a game of darts at Tapworks! Now, I have never played before for real but I gave it my best shot. Never won, but I hit the board. Most of the time...! We meet some Canadians on our date who also thought it would be cool to play a supporting role in this story instead of just making a cameo appearance. But hey...they are Canadians: They don't know better. They actually LOVED the fact that we were on a blind date and kept telling stories of how one of them married their blind date. Cute huh.....

Overall, there were 7 people on this date:
1) ME
2) Date 45
3) The ladder
4) The bartender
5) Canadian #1
6) Canadian #2

7) the guy that set us up...someone couldn't stop text messaging to check in on us!

To sum it all up, I had a blast! I could tell Date 45 put some effort into making this fun for both of us and I am sure he accomplished that for sure.

This leaves me with 7 dates to go....HELP!!!