Thursday, February 18, 2010

Date 36- Valentines Day @ the Rodeo....

Valentines Day....a day full of pressure when it comes to dating. Am I required to give a gift to someone just because it is Valentines Day? Or is it too soon? This was the question..

Date 36- Repeat dater from 34 and 35
This date was initiated by me! A good friend of mine offered me PBR tickets (Professional Bull Riders) and I thought it would be a fun low pressure date on Valentines Day. I knew the only guy that would be game for PBR would be this guy.....and he was totally down with the plan.

Ok, now back to the gift giving dilemma. I wasn't sure how to handle this and I didn't want to get caught empty handed in case Date 36 showed up with flowers, candy, etc. So i made a last minute run to Walgreens to pick up a Valentines goodie. I decided to hide it in my purse and to use it if it was needed. I debated to just start the date off with the gift but I chickened out.

When Date #36 showed up, I noticed he was a bit off his game. It took me a bit to figure out but it came out that he had partied hard the night before and was still hungover. (He picked me up for noon for a lunch date). We went to the amazing breakfast place Classen Grill here in OKC. (one of my favs). It made me laugh that he totally ate the "hungover" breakfast that we all crave after a night of downing too many drafts.

After a great brunch, we headed to the rodeo!!! Now, to clear things up I am not a rodeo fan to say the least but I can appreciate any "sport" and production and this is FOR SURE a "PRODUCTION". I think that Date 36 might of had some sensory overload with all the flames, lights, music, etc. Thats what you get for going to the rodeo! We had a great time critiquing the bull riding...if you can even do that. Actually...I think we had more fun making fun of the names of the bulls.

Now, you are all wondering if I pulled the Valentines gift out and gave it to Date #36. I chickened out and didn't want to make things weird since he didn't appear to have anything for me. So the second I walked into my house when he dropped me off, I ATE THE CANDY! ( sad.........but delicious)

All in all, it was a Valentines Day that fits right in with my current dating life and I couldn't ask for me! Happy Valentines Day to all of your happy couples out there. Maybe next year I will have a permanent valentine

Only 16 more dates..I have until June 1st so SET ME UP!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day...ohh the possibilities

Hello everyone!

Alright, I know everyone would be wondering if I have a date for Valentines Day! and the answer is YES!!!! But the questions is really if I can get more than one? Wait for updates this weekend