Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DAte 19 and 20

Date 19 and 20.....

#19- Can you say...TO MUCH TO EARLY
Date #19 was a guy I met on one of the online dating sites I joined. His original message seemed harmless so I started to communicate with him through email and instant messaging. We traded commonalities (which through this process I have found you have with EVERYONE at some level). Now, not to my knowledge but this bachelor was sizing me up and was very vocal about his feelings. I believe before we even met in person, he sent me a message saying that I was perfect and he was beginning to plan MORE THAN JUST THE FIRST DATE! Now although this was a sign of crazy, I let it go and continued to plan our date. Honestly, by the time the date came I felt like I was going to let this guy down because he had gotten caught up with the idea that I was a goddess or something.

During the date, he talked the entire time. Now, I have been looking for a man who will steer the conversation but holy cow....can I talk? At about the 3 hour mark I interrupted Date #19 with the following statement: "Over the course of the night, 70% of our conversation has been centered around your job. Do you have a balance problem in your life?" can be the judge if this was rude or not, but honestly he responded with "YES..and I am glad you called me on it". Even when I am rude, this guy thinks I am fantastic! I could of spit on the table and he would of thought it was endearing.

It makes me laugh that all this guy could talk about how much he wants to get to know me and I think he asked me 3 total questions throughout the night. For those of you that know me, my job is pretty interesting and a conversation starter. Apparently NOT with this bachelor. is the part that I felt VERY GUILTY. We were walking Bricktown in the rain and he kept talking about how perfect I was and how i fit everything that he was looking for..blah blah blah. Then he said..." i just keep wondering, what are you not telling me." Now, when he said this all i could think about was this blog and the 52 in 52 dating adventure that he has unknowingly become a part of. GUILT! But apparently not enough for me to come clean....

Lesson Learned: When the guy is in love with you before he meets you in person, that is an issue! RED FLAG ALERT!

Date #20- SLOW and STEADY
Date #20 is a repeater....he is actually the only guy to reach the forth date mark with me. We went to the fried food center of OKC. The Oklahoma STATE FAIR! I have never attended the OK State Fair so this was a new experience for me. Date #20 was a veteran and knew exactly where to find the fried cheese, fried oreos and root beer stand. Now, I ordered a frozen banana on a stick covered in chocolate and peanut butter. Although DELICIOUS, a bit awkward to eat on a date as one would imagine. This could of taken the date to the gutter but we both tried to keep it clean. (as much as possible when you eat a banana on a stick).

After dining the games ensued. A challenge was made and the goal was to win a stuffed animal. The loser had to carry the stuffed animal and bring it home. Now...of course..I schooled him at the state fair games. I can say...I WON THE STATE FAIR. Now, DAte #20 is an architect and was hesitant to ride the rides because of the fact that they are taken apart and put together together on a weekly basis. Although a valid point, I still called him out for being lame and convinced him to go on at least the bumper cars.

We had a great time and progress was made dating process, so I am hopeful to see this guy again. Although he is a slow moving...he is steady and I am learning to appreciate it.

Lesson Learned: Don't eat anything on a stick on a date and enjoy the journey, no need to rush everything.

Ok......we will be taking a week off for work. So keep come back and visit in October!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Good, the Bad Date 17 and 18 RECAP

First off, I need to apologize for how long it has taken me to post about my dates last week. I am getting bad about posted about these dates and I know you are all so i promise to get better. lol

Date 18 Recap: THE BAD
This date might qualify as the worst 45 minutes of my life! That being said, this date is very difficult to describe. I am giving the online dating thing a try, and this date demonstrated to me why some people should not be allowed to use the internet.

I could recap all of the details of why this fella was miserable company but I won't. To paint the picture, if was as if i was interviewing a 12 year old boy for a class project. The conversation was rough from start to finish. After 45 minutes, i decided to just rip of the band-aid and end the misery for both of us. I believe is said the following:
"it was nice to meet you but i don't feel like we are in the same place. good luck with school and everything you are working on but I think i am going to go ahead and go. have a good night"

I feel terrible but i think it was better for everyone for me not to get this kids hopes up that this would go some where. Honesty is the best policy.

Date 19 Recap: Was this really a date??
First off, this bachelor was well aware of the 52 in 52 dating adventure but i am pretty sure doesn't want to have anything to do with it. (or at least he doesn't want to be blogged about). I will say it was different than any of my other dates b/c not only did the bachelor already know about the 52 in 52 but he already knew me.

Date #19 asked me to go with him to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Civic Center, I will say right now, this was the best date activity to date!
The environment was pretty electric because everyone in attendance was ready to laugh!
And we all know how bad my laugh can be...but i held it together.

Something new...running into people i know while i am on a 52 in 52 date. This has now happened a few times and it is funny to see if people i know will come up and
say hello. Now at this point, most of the bachelors have known about this dating adventure but currently many of the bachelors do not. So this could prove to blow up in my face if
someone says something at a moment they shouldn't. Oh well, I guess i will deal with that one when the time comes.

DAte #18 still will swear that the evening didn't count as a date but it totally did. Out of respect for this shy dater,we will leave out the rest of the date details. was a date! :)

Two more this week both from online dating sites, sooooo they could be interesting....keep reading!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Date 16 Wrap Up

Date #16 is proving for me to be hard to describe. A few words that come to mind:

-laid back

Date #16 and I have gone out three times and it has been full of great conversation every time. He is so respectful of me and allows me to take the lead on just about everything. Although that is flattering and the way a women should be treated, sometimes a girl wants to be led. I have figured out that I am such a go getter when it comes to everything else in my life that I may be looking for someone else to take the reigns when it comes to dating.

Now in regards to Date #16, if he asked me out again I would be more than happy to go. Has he attempted to make any kind of physical connection at this point. No. I am not sure if this goes along with the respectful thing or not. I realize that I can rush into some of these things, so this slowed down pace might be good for me.

Who knows! What will happen! I have one of the 10 wedding of 2009 this weekend ( the reason I started this whole thing) so maybe i can find Date #17.
Keep know i am going to keep dating!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DAte 16 Predate Interview

This pre-date interview is brought to you by my favorite Canadian!

1) Who referred date # 16 to you? he is a repeat!

2 Have you done any background check on date #16? (facebook, myspace, twitter etc.) Actually, there has been little of this type of research conducted on this fella. I must be slacking

3) Does date #16 have any nicknames that you know of? like a nickname i have given him, or one that his friends use? Nothing I know of but I have referred to him as "the architect"

4) Are you running out of options for date activities in OKC? not yet, but I am a bit sick of Bricktown. Glad i am headed to western for tonight's date!

5) What is your worst pet peeve when it comes to dating? honestly, It feels like I am always leading the conversation. Either I talk to much or boys don't like to talk. I bet it is a bit of

6) Say you are at dinner and the check comes, who is reaching for it? I play this one by year. Most of the time I see where the waiter choses to set it. They normally set it with the bachelor. So...i just wait it out. I have paid a few times and offered numerous times. But no matter always seems awkward!

7) If the date goes well, how long do you wait before scheduling a re-date? no written rule here. this is not a reality show and I have never read "THE RULES"

8) If you went on a “date” with a gay male would that still count towards the total 52? sadly no, one of the requirements was that he be straight.

9) If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "well played MJ!"

Ok folks, heading for my favorite pizza tonight on WEstern! Wish me luck with a 3 peat. This is the third guy to 3 peat but nobody has made it to the fourth!