Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date #10- TONIGHT

Date #10 is tonight.  No predate interview this week....if you are interested in playing the role of the your questions! 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Either you have it or you don't...

So as most of you know from the pre-date interview, I had two dates this weekend. A doubleheader, if i can use that baseball term again in this post. 

Date #8- We meet for a late night movie at Harkins in Bricktown. It was great to see him again and we had a chance to play some arcade games before the movie. (I swear every boys is a pro at any game that involves shooting a gun).  I had a nice time and loved the movie The Ugly Truth. I will admit that watching a movie about dating while you are on a date is quite akward. There were numerous comments i could tell we both laughed at based on that fact that they applied to our situation. Date #8 is a total gentleman and walked to me all the way back to my door step.  It was a nice date....

Date #9- This was a complete blind date. I had no idea what the guy was gonna look like when I  walked into the restaurant.  I was pleasantly surprised :)  We had a great dinner in Bricktown full of wonderful conversation and laughter.  We headed over to the Redhawks game and had seats right behind the visitor's dug out. It was like we were on the field we were so close. The entire time we were both paranoid about getting hit by a foul ball. (It would be my luck that I would get hit....but we made it through). Honestly, I know the Redhawks lost but we talked throughout the entire game that we really didn't pay attention.  We hit it off and couldn't stop cracking jokes and laughing.  I always thought baseball games went on forever but on this evening i would of been happy to sit through extra innings. 

After the date we walked back to his car for him to drive me back to my house. He asked if I would be willing to extend the date a bit and go get a drink. Of course I said yes and we headed straight to SONIC for a "drink". (You know how much i LOVE Sonic so I was totally down with it). After we finished our treats from Sonic, Date #9 drove me back to my house and was super sweet at the end of the date. You always wonder how the date is going to end..if he going to kiss me or not, if he says he is going to call you or not....there is a lot going through a girls head.  He was cute enough to ask if he could give me a good night kiss...which made my night. Gotta love when guys just come out and say it! 

As I continue on this dating adventure I am really beginning to learn that either you have it or you don't. It=CHEMISTRY. Although you can think someone is fantastic and truly interesting sometimes you just can't force chemistry to be there.  I have found myself wanting to give a few of the bachelors a second chance because I think the world of them, but the ugly truth is starting to appear to me. You really know on the first date if it is there. 

So.....saying that Date #9 will also be Date #10 this week.  

Friday, July 24, 2009

Double Header This is baseball season

Alright friends, we have had a change in plans: 

Date #8 is now set for Friday (This is a repeat with Date #6). So another 2nd date opportunity which is exciting. Plans detailed in pre-date interview below

Date #9 is set for Saturday! This is a NEW bachelor to the dating adventure and we are excited to get to know him. Date details also covered in the pre-date interview

This weeks Double Header pre-date interview is brought to you by Holly...the upstairs neighbor and recommender of dates #1 and #2. 

Q. How did you meet Date 8/9?


Date 8 is a repeat dater from Date #6.  Date#9 was recommended to me by a friend's boyfriend. He pulled through with a candidate after meeting me for the first time! Props to him for being on the ball with the date set up. 

Date #9: Have not meet him as of blind date for this one! have not even seen a picture but i trust my friends to set me up with great people. 

Q. How did he ask? Text, Facebook, email, call?


Date #8- We communicated through both text, facebook and phone call. Now that I have been on a date with him it was just general conversation

Date #9- Total phone call! :) 


What is the plan for your date? 

Date #8- Late night movie at Harkins! And hopefully some arcade games before. I have been craving some air hockey in my life lately. 

Date #9- We spend some time debating on an actvity for this date! Since i am a sports fan, Date #9 suggested we go to the Redhawks game. Not sure of plans outside of the game just yet but a night at the ballpark is always a good time. (even if i don't LOVE baseball). 


Q. The one thing Date 8/9 should know about you before the date? (Hopefully he’s reading the blog!)


Date #8- I think i figured most of those things out on the first date...but i do tend to laugh pretty loud in movies. (my friends from high school will attest to this habit...) I sometimes even pre-laugh before funny moments...ha! 

Date #9- It is hard to narrow it down just to one thing....for those of you that actually know me, any suggestions on this one! 

Q. Have you had any bad reactions from people when you tell them about the 52 in 52

Answer: Of course I have. It has been really interesting to see how everyone looks at the idea. Some people LOVE the idea and are totally on board. Others take time to warm up to it but find themselves asking about it or even reading this blog. There are a few negative nellies out there. They are entitled to their opinion and I respect that but I am trying to keep this a POSITIVE thing, so have chosen to not let any of that bother me.  Can't please everyone...not every guy has the balls to be one of the 52.  I get that...

Q.Thus far, what is the most important thing you have learned from this process?

Answer: Ohh honestly....a great deal. It may deserve an entire post to itself to truly answer this question. 

Keep reading..the dating continues 

Monday, July 20, 2009

DAte #8 Date Set..need ideas

Hey everyone! Date #8 has been set for this Saturday!  Talked with the lucky bachelor tonight and we are going to brainstorm some date ideas for this weekend! If any of you know of cool OKC activities this week...send me your ideas! Would love to spice it up at bit....

Stay tuned for the pre-date interview! 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

25th Birthday!

This week marks another great landmark in my life...I am turning 25 on Saturday! A QUARTER CENTURY! So, now I can rent a car for cheaper and my car insurance goes down. GOODIE! Big celebration planned for this weekend, so if you want more information on that  just message me or shoot me an email at

This week also marks the 7th week of my dating adventure. As many of you know i have been out with 6 different bachelors(1 repeat) in 7 weeks and am already in the plans for date #8 and #9! Thanks to all of you that have suggested potential bachelors..keep the suggestions coming! I still have 44 more dates to! 

I am having an absolute BLAST with this and already learned a great deal about myself and dating. Can't wait to see what else is coming my direction over the next few months. 

Keep reading! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Date #7 Repeat Date Update

As I revealed in the pre-date interview, Week #7 was a repeat dater!  This was the first 2nd date of the bunch and I was excited about the opportunity to hang out with him again. This date was back in my home state of Kansas, so I let Date #3 do all of the planning. (I planned our date here in OKC). Date #3 would not reveal his plans for the upcoming date which I will admit I had a hard time with. I am normally the girl with a plan, so it was difficult for me to be out of the loop. 

Now, I bring up the planning portion of the date, because Date #3/7 plans all blew up in our face. I felt so bad for him because we just seemed to have bad luck everywhere we went.  None of this bothered me but I could tell he was getting frustrated that the movie was sold out, the restaurant was packed and the driving range was closed. But hey..what can you do by just go along with it. So we made the best of it and changed our plans. I know he had some wonderful surprises planned for me but he ran out of time to pull them all off and I forced him to ruin the surprise and tell me anyway! :) There is always next time for a rooftop dinner... 

Date #3 had a rough day at work and couldn't seem to shake the headache. He was a trooper though and never gave up on the date even though he wasn't running at 100%. The poor thing even took a cat nap during the movie....:)

I think the most interesting part of this date was really that fact that this was the 2nd date, which vastly differs from the first.  A first date is really kinda easy. You have so many topics to cover and most of the time you are just having surface level conversations. When you get to the second date you really have to take what you learned about the person and see if you can fit the puzzle pieces together to see if the two of you fit and have more than just a few common interests.  Honestly, I would think that most women would agree that Date #2 is the most difficult and telling.

That being said, I am hopeful to go on more 2nd dates throughout this process that I originally intended as these seem to be more in-depth.  Maybe there is a Date #3 in the future..we will just have to wait and see. 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Date #7: Repeat dater revealed

True or False

1. You've been on a date with Date #7. TRUE..he was date #3

2. Are you breaking your parents only rule on this date? well this is not a true/false questions but technically yes, but it is the second date so I don’t feel it should always apply

3. You will wear pants on this date. True..that is the plan

4. The events that will take place on this date are a surprise. True


Multiple Choice

1. On this date you will:

A) go see a movie and finally eat popcorn

B) go to a romantic dinner, discuss your future, and possibly throw out some baby names

C) have a picnic in a public place (i.e. a park)

D) open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur

E) all of the above

F) none of the above

G) some combination of the above

Answer: G: some combination of the above! but I doubt I will eat popcorn at the movies.  But the dinosaur walk in always a stand by option.


2. On this date you will:

A) wear a cute dress

B) wear flats

C) wear a cute dress with flats

D) wear pajamas

E) all of the above

F) none of the above

Answer: B: I will most likely wear flats since I am not sure what the plan is and with it being a surprise, I doubt a dress is the best plan.


Short answer essay:

Q. Please explain, in detail, how it is that you ended up on a second date with this man.

A. To be honest, I have hung out with Date #3 a few times since the initial date, but neither were official dates for that week. We had a great time on the first date and since I was already headed back to Kansas, (date #3 lives in KS) I thought it would be fun to go out again. So….repeat dater has been revealed.

Check the blog for more post Date #7/3 details!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Date #6- Wine and Dine

Honestly, Date #6 was the first date of the bunch that I really didn't know much about the guy before the date. Most of the time I can do some Facebook stalking or the person who set us up will give me some leads but this date I really walked into blind. is how it went down! 

I arrived to The Mantel right at 8pm and was greeted by Date #6 not with a handshake or a hug but with a fresh glass of white wine.  Now for those of you that know my alcohol preferences, wine is not my thing at all but I was impressed none the less and sipped on the glass all throughout the night. 

After a few minutes of reviewing the menu, I noticed they served duck.  Now you don't see this everyday and I have always been interested in what this tasted like. I know I have tried it before, but after reading the description. I was intrigued. Now, don't think I was silly enough to order it. (I don't want to get stuck with some gross duck).  I mentioned my interest to date #6 and he asked why I don't just order it myself.  I said I would rather try it off someone elses plate instead of having to be stuck ordering it. Now, I did not mean to infer that I wanted HIM to order it but when the waiter asked guess what Date #6 was having for dinner. DUCK! :)  

Anyone that knows me knows that I spend every fall Saturday engulfed in college football, especially the University of Kansas.  It turns out that Date #6 played college football and has a respect for KU's head coach Mark Mangino! 

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! :)  Ok ok..he may not be a Kansas fan, but I can forgive anyone who admits how good Mangino is. Even if he is a Sooner Fan! boo

Date #6 is working on getting in dental school which lead us into a conversation about teeth. Now thanks to my brother who hit my in the face with a baseball bat at age three, I have always had some interesting dental issues. I never thought I was self-conscious about this until it came up on the date and then i found myself trying to talk with my mouth closed doing the closed mouth smile. How silly am I! Can you imagine me trying to eat without showing my teeth! :) 

Date #6 is a very intellectual person. He was full of interesting conversation and dry humor. Even with his love for fruit roll ups...(sorry, I had to throw that in there) he has some very interesting ideas and thoughts.  Date #6 thinks before he speaks..while I just jump right into conversation and figure out where I am headed halfway through my thought. I had to get used to the pause in conversation before he would respond to my questions. I am so used to filling the silence, it was a great chance for me to learn to wade through the silence to get to the substance of the conversation. 

The topic of past relationships came up. Now I don't mind one bit listening to anyone discuss their past experiences when it comes to relationships but i realized on this date that I really don't have much to share in this department when it comes to true serious relationships. Everything is such a "story" with me. Lets hope that after this 52 in 52 that I can change this pattern. 

Overall, I had a great time with Date #6.  The food, conversation and atmosphere  were all top notch.  

No plans for Date #7 as of yet....but as usual I will keep you all posted. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Date #6 Pre- Date Interview

Week 6 .Brought to you by Sheana

Q. Who set you up? Mary Jo- Gary- a friends husband

Q. What do you know about the guy? Mary Jo- That he works in a dentist office...thats all I got on this one.

Q. Where are you going on your date?Mary Jo- Dinner at The Mantel...not Mickey Mantels....I would be the one to go to the wrong restaurant

Q.  If the conversation goes south, what is your backup topic? Mary Jo- 4th of July plans, Michael Jackson- that is a great save these days.

Q. Is week 6 recently single? Mary Jo-I am not aware, but will find out tonight

Q. What is your opinion on sex before marriage? Just kidding. That's not a real question. I'm just trying to make sure that you're paying attention.- Mary Jo- wow....thanks Sheana! 
Q. Describe at least two outfit choices for the date... in complete detail. Mary Jo- Ohhh...most likely jeans for all outfit choices and whatever is clean. I will admit I have worn the same outfit on quite a few of the dates so far.

Q. If the date goes well, will you invite him to hang out on the 4th?- Mary Jo-if I had plans I would be more than happy to invite him but as of now..i got nothing! 

Date is scheduled for this evening! Look for a recap tomorrow.....

Repeat Dater Update: ohh and yes, I will be sharing more about the repeat dater at a later date. I promise