Thursday, December 31, 2009

DAte 32- Lets hope 2010 is better

Date 32: Last one of 2009...and with this bachelor

SUCH A NICE GUY...but I am not interested at all. As I continue to date different gentlemen I really am figuring out the qualities that I am attracted to. Now, I would admit that girls are attracted to a** holes, but I like the qualities that many a** holes have. Let me explain:

This guy, Date 30 and now 32 is SOO nice! But boring nice. He agreed with everything I said, and always seemed nervous around me. We want to see the movie "INVICTUS." Although the movie was amazing, I would not recommend it for a date. It wasn't funny, sad or scary. It was just powerful. During the entire movie, Date 32 looked over at me every single time I moved an inch. I could tell he wanted to hold my hand or something but that wasn't gonna happen. He made me feel uncomfortable at how nervous he was. He made a few remarks that have stuck with me though......

In discussions about my busy schedule he said, "I don't see how you ever have time to get to know someone, but I guess you already have friends." Now.....I laughed this off, but he may have a point, sort of. If I really liked him, I know I would of made more of an effort to see him but at the same time I can't expect to find a boyfriend if I never make time to meet one.

After the movie he asked if I was interested in grabbing dinner. Obviously he didn't read my body language! I turned him down b/c I was dog sitting and needed to take the dog out. He offered to drive me back to my house, which I accepted out of guilt. Upon dropping me off he asked if I wanted to go out the following day to Lucky Star Casino. Although that would be a GREAT date..not with this guy. I told him I had to check my schedule and I would get back to him. Here is the kicker...he called me 45 minutes after dropping me off to see if I could go out.
WHOA TURBO! Give a girl a chance to breath.....

Needey and agreeable are not two qualities that I am looking for and I owe Date 32 a thank you for showing me that.

Already have the first date scheduled for 2010......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Date 30 and 31- Not a holiday romance

With the holidays, snowstorm, and crazy schedule I have still managed to continue dating but have lacked on the blogging component. I always feel like I need to take a day or so to reflect about the date before I blog to ensure I am fair to the bachelor.

Date 30- A new bachelor, but from the same tree as SLOW and STEADY
Recently it has taken me more time than usual to find the time to schedule dates with new bachelors. Date 30 faced the same scheduling issue but we finally got together before Christmas for coffee at Starbucks. ( Another coffee date for the girl who doesn't like coffee/Starbucks). Honestly, Date 30 is a super nice guy and we held good conversation throughout the date. Topics included
  • OSU athletics (more of a mutual hatred for OU)
  • Health care reform bill (he works in politics and is very republican...i am not)
  • Tiger Woods and his 17 girlfriends (if that is what you call them)
  • Favorite Movie comparison...
As you can tell, most of these topics are current events or standard first date conversations. Although Date 30 never said anything wrong, he always seemed to agree with me even though I could tell he felt differently. Many of you know me and know I am not afraid of a conflict or disagreement but this bachelor must be because he pretty much rolled over and let me win.

Another interesting detail about Date 30 was that he wanted to schedule the next date right away. A way to guilt you into the next one....! with the holiday I was able to deflect till later on but I found he is pretty persistent.

Lets just say nice guy but I'm not interested....

Date 31- To come clean or not??? That is the question
Slow and Steady and I had already scheduled another date before the realization that he is still "looking." Considering it is December we took advantage of the OKC Downtown in December activities and went ice skating. Now, due to the realization discussed in the last post, I decided to not get him a xmas present b/c I didn't think we were there. Well he walked in my front door with one for me. (Gift card to an ice cream placed we had been to...cute but nothing special).

So....backup plan went into place. I had cookie dough in the fridge and had him help me make sugar cookies and then sent the batch home with him. Cute....yes I know. It is actually a REALLY fun date activity. Highly recommend it :)

Now.....things are comfortable with this bachelor and I wasn't in the mood to rock the boat right before I decided to not bring up the whole internet dating thing. Why cause an issue where it really doesn't matter. Are we seriously dating...NO. But I enjoy his company and want to keep him as a friend. I think it is better to let this one play out I am sure it will.

So lesson learned: I am looking for someone who challenges me.....not lets me always win.

Two more dates are on the books but I still need your help setting me up! Keep the suggestions coming!

Monday, December 14, 2009

No longer feeling guilty..but a little hit on my ego

If you have been keeping up with my post you will know that the past few months I have been been filled with guilt because I felt terrible that one of the bachelors that I have been dating was not aware of the 52 in 52 program and /or blog.

I AM NOW GUILT FREE!!!! Many of you may be thinking that I came clean with the fella, but that is not the case!

Let me start from the beginning:
If you remember I met this guy on an online dating website. At first I was sure that it would lead to nothing, so I chose to leave my little dating adventure out of conversation. One thing lead to another and we have been what my friends keep calling "dating" for a few months now. (all the while I have continued to rack up the dates with other bachelors). Recently I have posted about how I felt that this guy may be getting more into this that I originally planned and that the guilt of 52 in 52 started to consume me. (see date 29 post for more details).

Since I had such great luck finding dates on this website, I have recommended it to many friends. One (who will remain nameless) just recently signed on and was overwhelmed with messages (as she should be b/c she is AMAZING). Tonight she was so overwhelmed that I offered to filter through her messages and delete out all of the "junk". To my surprise the first message I came across was from THE BOY THAT I AM DATING!!!!!

I might have died laughing at the ironic nature of this considering that I had been guilt strucken for so long thinking he had the hots for me when all along it appears he has "keep his options open." I know I have no room to be mad or hurt considering my situation but for some reason it was a small blow to my ego while at the same time quite a relief!

NOW...the questions remains, do I bring it up to him as a way to come clean on the 52 in 52....or just let it slide? Suggestions?

Next Date Scheduled

A new bachelor is scheduled for this week.....!!! If you have ANY potential bachelors, PLEASE send them my way!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Date 29- Christmas Time is Upon us

For those of you that live in the Oklahoma area, you all know the best place to go look at Christmas lights! (No...not the Chesapeake Energy Campus although those are impressive) yes..I am referring to the Festival of Lights in Chickasha, Oklahoma!

Last night my date and I walked hand in hand through the beautiful display of lights while sipping on our hot chocolate. Sounds wonderful doesn't it! Well although it was pretty darn close it was spitting freezing rain last night so that put a damper on things! Also, my date had hoping to ride in the horse drawn carriage together but they were not operating last night. Now for him this was a let down but for MJ it was a relief! Let me tell you why:

First off, I always feel like all you can smell when you ride behind a horse is the horse's poop! Is that not true!! I'm not sure how romantic I can be in the midst of that horrific smell. Also, that screams DATING to me. Although I will admit to "dating" this guy I think actually doing activities that could be labeled that way may freak me out a bit. (It could be the guilt of this whole social experiment..who knows). So that being said, for any potential bachelors please don't ask me out for a carriage ride. Not my cup of tea!

I could go on and on about my guilty conscience right now but you all know the story. MJ dates numerous bachelors, they don't know about the blog and now she may like one of them. To tell or not......this is the first time I have felt a movie plot coming along!

On a positive note...a new bachelor this weekend! But PLEASE continue to dig into your friends to find me dates 31-52!!! Who knows..your guy could be the guy for me !

Keep reading, b/c I will keep dating!