Thursday, January 28, 2010

Date 35- How did he know i LOVED Root Beer

After watching Julie and Julia today during our "ice" day here in OKC, I got inspired to keep this blog moving forward! I can relate to the meltdowns and highs that she experienced while embarking on her year long mission as I have had the same types of moments.

Date #35 seemed to already know me before we even went on the date. I LOVE ROOT BEER, so when he presented the idea of going to "Coits" to grab a root beer I could not resist. It is hard to describe Date #35 without using the word "funny". I am pretty sure I laughed throughout the entire date.

Now, many of you that know me pretty well know that I am not the best decision maker when it comes to my own personal life. These struggles range from picking what kind of candy bar to get at the gas station to determining my profession. (I have gotten better...I did buy a car by myself). So when Date #35 offered me the pick of restaurants I was unable to make a choice. Without even flinching, the bachelor went straight for a coin in his glove box and determined that we would flip for it. Head- Coits Tails- Big Truck Tacos. Now most of the time when you flip for it, you are required to go with the winer but the second it landed on heads I knew I wanted Big Truck tacos. Until the option was taken away, I didn't even know I wanted it.

Now I am hopeful that this doesn't prove to be how all decision in my life turn out, especially in the relationship department. A professor told me once that by not making a choice you are choosing. I think sometime I do that to avoid conflict, etc. I have gotten off subject.

We had a fantastic meal a Big Truck Tacos on NW 23rd in OKC! ( If you have not NEED TO). COnversation seems to flow with DAte #35 pretty easily. We even tried to analyze some of the patrons at the restaurant and I have to admit that he was much better at the game than I am. I can always spot a first date but a business deal at Big Truck Taco is not the first thing I would of come up with.

After dinner we headed straight to Coits to get that root beer. Now some of you may think this date was not flashy enough for you but honestly it is real life. I don't need expensive dinners or crazy extravagant dates to have a great time. And this was proof. We sat at Coits till they shut down discussing all types of topics.

Date #35 asked me to tell him something about myself that was odd or random. Honestly, I took me a while to come up with anything that I had not already shared with him. Like my love for random musicals, sports or crime shows on TV. Not until the next day did I realize that I do have a random love of Kinkos and office supplies! I love to staple, copy, collate and bind. Weird...I know but I blame OCU for that one with all those crazy projects.

I am really hoping to get to see Date #34/35 again. But only time will tell!

Only 17 dates left on this journey! I can not believe it has gone by this fast but I want to make the most of the last 17. Don't be afraid to set me up.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Date 34- I was bound to see people I know

Date 34 was a product of the six degrees of separation. Sometimes I forget how 52 in 52 can be an interesting conversations topic for my friends, and their friends and their in-laws, etc.

Date #34 was brought to me by a co-worker! She brought up the idea while at home on the east coast for the holidays and it traveled faster than she could get back to Oklahoma! Next thing I know, I get an email from a prospective bachelor interested in taking me out on the town!

The bachelor suggested that we meet for dinner at a Thai restaurant and then head to a local hot spot to listen to a band. Now, those of you that know me and my lack of taste in good music know that this could of intimated me......but fear not! I sought out advise from my "music" guru who will remained unnamed. I don't deal well with just "listening" to music instead of actually having a conversation. I'm the girl who is afraid of silence....

We meet for dinner and bonded instantly over our taste in condiments. Not a fan of mustard or kind of guy. Conversation flowed great! Date #34 was full of energy and excited to learn more about me and my adventure. He proved to be an pretty interesting fellow as well! I am not going to lie, during dinner we had a group of around 10 trannies walk into the restaurant to eat. We spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out the occasion they were celebrating but our CSI skills were not above par. Honestly, I was great to see that Date 34 has a good attitude when it came to culture!

We finished dinner and headed to a local bar to listen to a band. We walked into the place and it was pretty low key but within 30 minutes the place turned into CityWalk! We could barely hear each other and were surrounded by people at the bar trying to order a drink. Date #34 suggested we try another bar and I was game. On my way to be the bathroom, I did run into a friend who had spotted me on my 52 in 52 date and was hesitant to come up and say hello. I knew I would run into someone I knew eventually, but this was just the beginning!

After arriving at the next bar, Date #34 ran to the restroom while I went in to grab a table. After taking two steps in the door I realized that I recognized about 10 people sitting right inside the door. They were my co-workers who had been waiting with baited breath to embarrass the crap out of me in front of a date! I debated whether to even stick around at the bar or make up some excuse why we couldn't stay....but why lie.

I sat across the bar but in could see all of my friends clear as day. They spend the rest of the evening waving, grinning and chuckling in my direction. They didn't stay long, but of course each of them came over to my table one at a time to say good-bye and introduce themselves to Date #34. Good thing Date 34 had such a great attitude and loved every minute of it.

I admit, I could of run into a lot worse of people in OKC. Honestly, it still makes me chuckle. I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing Date 34 again!

Not to many dates to get your guys in now! Keep reading b/c I keep dating

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Date 33- From the country....

Before I get into the details of Date 33, I want to address a few of the comments from friends! Yes..I am 19 dates away from finishing and ahead of schedule!
Yes...I am still having a great time!
Yes...I have learned so much about the game of dating
Yes..I have learned the value of my time

No...I have not fallen in love...

With that being said..lets talk about Date 33!
My new friend Kari set us up! (which I now prefer set ups, much better than online dating) Kari was great because she did everything she could to make sure we had a great time! Thanks girlie! Date #33 and I met at Mickey Mantels for a drink and appetizers before we headed over to the Thunder game!

After Date #33 finally identified my identity (we missed each other the first time) we decided to grab a drink in the bar! The conversation was easy, laid back and filled with laughs. If any of you remember the book, "City Mouse, Country Mouse" then you will know how our conversation started! Date #33 is from western Oklahoma, which is like a foreign country to me. Although I grew up in Kansas, I was never exposed to agriculture/farming. I am always interested in learning about things I know nothing about so I think I may have gone overboard in asking questions about cows, tractors, fore-wheelers, etc. But to his credit, Date #33 was a great sport and gave it right back to me!

Next on the agenda was the Thunder game at the Ford Center! To be honest, I was worried that it might be awkward to try to continue conversation at a basketball game because I am normally so focused on the game itself, but no problem! Our laid back conversation continued right through the game! Date #33 didn't even mind that I checked my phone 47 times b/c my Jayhawks were playing Cornell. (it was a close I had to). Although he may be a Tarheels fan, I can forgive that for now.

Due to the frigid temperatures, Date #33 gave me a ride home! It took more time to drive it than it would of taken me to walk but it was a good excuse to extend the date. I enjoyed getting to know someone who was so opposite of me and I look forward to seeing him again soon!

Ok....Headed out on Date #34 with another new bachelor tonight! Keep the referrals coming...they seem to be much better dates!