Sunday, November 29, 2009

Took a break

Just to keep you all in the loop,,,,I went to NYC this past week and have not kept up with the blog while I was gone!! Will post about Date 29 tomorrow!


Friday, November 13, 2009

26,27,28- I guess they have to count!

Date 26- Ice cream!
Date 27- Drinks!
Date 28- Mexican!

All with bachelors I have already gone out with...but each date a different guy! is more detail.

Date 26- Slow and Steady took MJ for ice cream
This was a spur of the moment date. I received a text message from S&S asking how my evening was going and i responded with "i am debating if i want to go get ice cream". Next thing I know, he has shown up at more door ready to take me out for a delicious treat! (you could say he fell right into my trap). After ice cream, I did invite this bachelor into my apartment (it was actually semi clean). We hung out and watched TV, which was limited due to my lack of cable. It felt normal to be sitting on my couch watching Conan with this guy. But he still doesn't know about the blog and my last name. SO obviously there is still quite a bit of ground to cover.

Date 27- One of the originals met MJ for a drink
I was in Kansas City for a wedding and had the opportunity to connect back up with Date #3. If you don't remember this guy, you may take a trip down blog memory lane and go back and review. It was great to see him again but the hard part is that the chemistry is still there but he lives there(not in OKC). I guess sometimes you just have it with some people even if it is the right timing or not. We had a good time catching up and shared quite a few laughs! I may always wonder if this could of been something if we lived in the same town, but I guess you can't worry about that.

Date 28- I hate when people order fajitas!
This date was a long time in the making. I was excited to meet back up with this bachelor, other wise known as the guy who took me to Jerry Seinfeld. It was amazing how much deeper our conversations went this time. I guess it is hard to discuss serious topics after a comedy show. Now this is someone I have known a long time, but during this date I realized that someone can know you but they don't necessary know your past and why you are the way you are unless you share that with them. It was fun to both share and learn about one another even though I already knew him.

Something that makes me laugh is during our first date, this bachelor compared wanting a girlfriend to wanting an i-phone. "It would be cool to have but my phone works just fine."Well.....he has an i-phone now! I laughed because he says he doesn't know what to do with it and feels the same way about a girlfriend. :)

Due to some scheduling issues and other problems, I had to postpone two other dates that were scheduled for this week! Look for those dates to be rescheduled in the near future!

Keep reading, because you know I will keep dating!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Date 25- Its been a while

Date 25 took a long time to get on the books. The bachelor was actually a friend from the high school days who I have not seen since high school, so it has been awhile. We had been trying to get together for awhile, but every time I head back to Kansas I always seem to jam pack my weekends and our schedules always conflicts.

Well after my Jayhawks lost to the Sooners last week, we decided to drink our sadness away and meet for a drink at a local bar in Wichita. It was great to see him again and catch up on the last eight years. Now that I think about it, I don't know that I really knew all that much about him back in high school. Its funny now thinking about all the people you "know" from your past. What do you really "know" about them anymore. People change!

I actually think going on a date with someone you "know" is more nerve racking that a blind date. There is this sense of pressure when you are suppose to have some base level knowledge about someone. If you agree to a date with someone you kinda know, you are unknowingly stating that you are interested, even if you know it or not. I think this pressure may have played a role in this dating experience but it was hard to tell in this laid back environment.

It was great to see Bachelor 25 again and if we can make our schedules work again, maybe we can do it again.

Ok date till half way point! keep the recommendations coming, you all seem to be just spectators in this adventure and I need you to start playing a more active roll! FIND ME MORE DATES! :)

Happy dating!