Thursday, April 29, 2010

Date 44- OKC Arts Festival

As I look back over my dating adventure, I have noticed that I have attending some of OKC's best annual events so it made sense to include the OKC Arts Festival in the mix of great Oklahoma City events to attend.

Since Date 42 outline all of the benefits of going to the Museum of Art on a date, all of the same rules apply to this date with the addition of food and lots of people! Alright onto the details of Date 44....

Many of you may remember Date 38 that occurred on St. Patrick's Day..well, this he is back for a second dose of MJ. The cool thing about this bachelor is that we had not seen each other in over a month but he wasn't afraid to just give me a call out of the blue to see if I was interested in hanging out. How refreshing....I know that I shy off if contact has been lacking since the initial date. It is easier to just let it fizzle out than try to strike another match. Props to Date 38/44!

Ok, so Date 44 had a car issue so he asked me to come pick him up. Now this is not an issue, but it did feel funny to go pick up my date. The funny part was I actually thought I should open the car door for him.......I refrained myself but it did cross my mind. HA! I don't know how you boys do it. It felt funny to drive my date back to Bricktown but I did get to show of my AWESOME parallel parking skills. Date 44 even comments on how kick ass they were. (See everyone, all women are not bad drivers!!)

Now, the art at the festival is a bit more festive and commercial than we one can find in the art museum. But, one downfall is that you can't make fun of it because the artist is sitting two feet from you. Art from 1600 doesn't present this issue so I had to quickly learn to keep my comments to myself. Or at least wait till we walked away. Date 44 helped me spot some awesome art but I didn't get a chance to actually purchase anything this year. favorite quote that I spotted was "The deadline for complaints was yesterday." How awesome is that! I am so hanging that on my office door.

Now, some people will say the main reason for going to the festival is for the art but we all know it is for the food. Now Date 44 is on a vegetarian kick which limits his options so I laughed to myself when he sat down with a rice bowl thing and I come with a spicy brat covered in onions. Another role reversal....who knows but I should really thing about ordering a wiener on a! And of course, I wouldn't leave until we got the fried peaches!! SOOO GOOD!!!! And I will say that Date 44 enjoyed a few bits as well, but I handled that dessert

Ok, now the funny part of this date! I will admit I dressed a bit preppy for this evenings occasion with top siders, button up with matching sweater and scarf. I thought it was cute but looking back I will admit it was a bit much. Date 44 has a unique laid back style that if I must classify I would put in the alternative/ hippie arena but nothing crazy. When we ran into a large group of his friends at the festival......I realized how much I stuck out. The game from Sesame Street came to mind. "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong." I tried my best to act cool in this moment but I have never wished harder to be wearing a headband that I made myself out of bamboo or something organic. Oh well.....they were all nice and I am hoping the didn't notice my extreme preppiness but that is doubtful. Date 44 is so laid back, I doubt it event matters!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Date 44 over the course of 2 dates and think he is a pretty neat fella! This is exactly what I wanted to come from this experience...the chance to meet people I would have never crossed paths with otherwise.

To recap, I have been on Date 45 and will blog about that soon along with another interesting topic. People's reaction to my adventure. It always seems to come out in a new group of people and I am still amazed at the reactions I get......keep reading to hear about both!

ONLY 7 more.....and one month to do it! Help a girl out

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Date 43- Left the City Limits

Date 43 took me out out of the city limits and my normal stomping ground of Bricktown! I headed south to Norman to meet up at a great restaurant. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about having to drive that far but it was really nice to get out of the rut of Bricktown.

Before I get to far into the details of this one, gotta send props once again to my LOYAL class for another date set up. You all are awesome!

I arrived at the restaurant and realized that I had not done sufficient enough pre-date research to have any idea what this bachelor looks liked. So, I went ahead and sent the "I'm here" text message. I instantly received a message back inviting me to meet him at the bar. He invited me to have a drink, so I ordered a Mojito!! Can't go wrong with those....! (Date 43 informed me that they are a pain to make as a bartender..but I feel like that is what makes them so good).

Now, we met at 9:00pm, so I assumed we would order some dinner upon arrival but as we continued to chat I started to panic that I had assumed incorrectly. Had I misunderstood the timing and now I will starve to death. I know this sounds silly, especially after the roll incident last week, but I worry about stuff like this. I can't drink anything on an empty stomach and then expect to not act a fool. Proven fact......

Date 43 was full on fun, vibrate conversation and we seemed to hit it off right from the start. Conversations flowed and never seemed forced. Always nice not to be reaching for conversation! Had quite a few moments that I feel you all would enjoy...

He ordered for me! Yep...this is a true statement. Still not really sure how I feel about that but apparently Date 43 was good friends with the chef and likes to risk his meal on the whim of the chef. I am a bit more conservative and like to ensure I have chosen something that I know I like. I threw what some of you may call a fit to ensure that I did not end up with fish but I went along with it and ended up with a fantastic meal. I guess it is nice to push your boundaries every once in a while!

Another good story: While Date 43 was in the restroom, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Two college women who seemed to be out having a few glasses of wine had been listening in on my date and were intrigued to find out if I was on a blind date or not. After I confirmed their suspicion, they asked how we got set up which then forced me to go into the readers digest version of 52 in 52. The girls freaked out and LOVED the idea and next think you know I am writing the blog address on a napkin at a bar. Date 43 returned to the bar and I filled him in on our bar neighbors interest in our date. Next thing I know, he has tapped them on the should, covered my ears and asked the ladies how he was doing on the date. I am pretty sure he could not of handled that better. I cracked up......! Now I doubt Date 42 picked up on this but when the girls left they leaned over and said "so is he the winner, or what?" I won't divulge how I answered that question but only time will tell if I am right.

The evening turned out to be filled with good food, good company and good atmosphere. Getting close to the end.......

Date 44 post to come soon......9 dates left! SINGLE DIGITS!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date 42- Is that Art?

Sorry for the delay in posted about Date 42. I find that sometimes I am torn on what to discuss on the blog so I put off doing it in order to make sure I know what components of the date I want to "report on."

Another shout out to my LOYAL class on setting this date up! Thanks girl!

Date 42- After a seires of emails and phone calls determining both the activity and timing of the date, we decided to check out an exhibit that was closing at the OKC Museum of Art. After living in OKC for almost 7 total years, I had still yet to go to the art museum to look at the art, so I thought I would give it a try.

I was suppose to meet Date 42 at 6:00pm. I was so engrossed for a meeting at work that day, that when I looked at my watch, it was 5:50pm!! I literally stormed out of my meeting, grabbed my purse and ran to my car. I drove home, changed clothes, touched up make-up and brushed my hair and still made it to the museum by 6:12. Ohhh the beauty of living in Bricktown!!!

We went to see the closing of an exhibit that was all about "Anti-Gravity" which featured some random "art" made out of chairs and buckets. I will admit it was pretty cool to see what someone can do with such normal objects but it makes me question the definition of art. My date was an engineer so I think it was difficult for him to appreciate the randomness of this exhibit. Random is not beauty to someone with an engineer brian. LOL

We walked around the entire museum to check out all of different pieces of art. I will honestly say that this is a FANTASTIC first date activity for a few reasons
1) There is ALWAYS something to look at, read and discuss. There is never an "awkward silence" because silence is acceptable in an art museum.
2) Continuos movement: Since you are always walking around, you never have to worry about where to put your hand, how your sitting, etc. This also allows for natural contact between the daters if desired.
3) Conversation can't get to personal: Since you are surrounded by other patrons in the museum your conversation about personal issues can't get to deep. This keeps anyone from diving into "non-first date conversations."
With all this being said, I have no doubt that an awkward person could break all of these rules and make it miserable, but I was lucky enough to not have that happen.
After the art it only seemed natural to continue the evening with dinner at the Art Museum Cafe. First off, I want to discuss the choice of food by Date 42 because those of you who read the blog will get a kick out of it. So, before we even ordered the waiter brought each of us a roll. Without evening thinking i snarfed mine down, because WHO DOESN'T LOVE ROLLS! I sat there and watched my date never touch his stupid roll. At first I thought he was being polite but he never touched it. It sat there alone and abandoned all night long. It took everything I had not to reach over and just stuff my face with it. Poor roll....poor MJ. But, that is not the ironic part. Date 42 ordered THE DUCK. If you guys go back to date 7 I think, he also ordered the duck. I just can't get into it, but apparently the men of Oklahoma City can. Ohh well.

Throughout dinner, Date 42 and I discussed all of the normal first date topics but a few components of the conversation ring in my ears. I really do feel like I have learned something from this experience about more than just dating, but about people in general.

Date 42 was a triplet and had two additional siblings on top of that. To an outsider, this is an extremely cool fact, but it seemed like Date 42 wasn't blown away by that fact anymore. I could tell he loved his family but he told me he wasn't extremely close to them. Now, I talk to my parents pretty much every day (don't judge me) but as I have grown older I really look at them as my dearest friends. I think it is easy to assume that anyone with a big family has the "Brothers and Sisters" relationship with everyone they are related to, but I guess not. For me, family is my #1 and I never make a decision without their input and support. I think it was just a learning experience for me to know that not everyone relies on their family the way that I do.

Both Date 41 and Date 42 were engineers. To be honest, it was eerier how similar the conversations were about careers, families, etc. I am not saying they were identical by any means but a few times I felt like I had just had this same conversation with someone else. It took me a while to realize that I HAD indeed had that conversation the week before. I think this happens when you are searching for something you have in common that you can discuss in more detail. People jump from topic to topic hoping to make a connection.

Also, for reference: Never both go to the bathroom at the same time. The wait staff may think you walked out on your check. :)

Now, I titled the blog "Is that Art" because I went to the art museum but I wonder if there is an "art" to dating. I know I have mastered the awkward scheduling, meeting and conversations but is there a true art to it. I wonder..........

Date 43 tomorrow! Help me finish these last 10! SET ME UP!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Date 41- Silverware required!

First off, I apologize for not getting a pre-date interview posted for Date 41. I was unsure of the best person to ask to interview me because I was honestly not sure how Date 41 got tuned into my dating adventure. Midway through our date I remembered to ask Date 41 how he found out about 52 in 52 and the credit actually goes back to Date #1. First date of the bunch also gets credit for Date 41....well done! Thanks!

Ok now onto the recap...I meet Date #41 at a local Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. I give this bachelor some credit for trying to do something that was unique and not just another Bricktown restaurant. To be honest, when I read the menu I was a bit intimated but I just went with the flow. How bad can it be.....right?

Well at first the waiter brought us towels on a plate. To be honest, I wasn't all that sure what the hell to do with them but I followed the lead of my date and figured out they were meant to clean your hands. I should of figured this was a sign of what was to come but I was still pretty naive. The appetizer came out and were delicious. Fried something....:) Yum!

Next was the main course! They set down a huge plate filled with various different piles of food, non of which I could identify. Then came some funny sweet tortilla type things that were more lunch sponges. I waited for the serve to remember to bring us silverware, but as I soon found out, silverware is not an option. YOU EAT WITH YOUR HANDS!!!! Ok.......on a first date? I was pretty unsure about this but gave it a good try. The food/mush was not bad, but I felt like a kid with bad motor skills trying to pick it up with the bread and eat it while still looking lady like. Remember, I am on a date!! :)

Lesson Learned: If you want to be creative with your restaurant choice on a date, just ensure they have silverware! :)

Date 41 was easy going and excited to be a part of 52 in 52. I respected the fact that he understand the notion behind the whole thing and was willing to play a part in it. I drilled Date 41 with questions about his job, background and hobbies. Funny thing is, he never really asked me anything about me. Either he already knew it all from reading my blog, forgot to ask, or didn't think it was important. Another tip, this one I learned from a professor in college.

People like to talk about something that they are an expert in. Everyone is an expert on themselves! So give them a chance to shine......Date 41 forgot that one but no biggie! I think when people get nervous they just rattle on and forget they are having a conversation instead of telling a story. This is not the first date this has happened and I doubt that last but those of you who know me know I don't need to be asked to talk about myself!

I enjoyed the conversation with Date 41 about traveling, politics and family but I would alway recommend leaving out any past relationship drama out of the first date conversation. When this stuff comes out you always run a risk of not coming off the way you think you should. Past relationships are not first date conversations, no matter how much they affected your life. No need to discuss failed relationships, engagements or marriages fellas. I doubt you want to hear about my old boyfriend so if you find yourself headed down that road in the conversation, find the next exit ramp and get off!

Now, Date 41 suggested that since the dinner was a bit difficult to eat that we head to Melting Pot to have dessert. Melting Pot drives me nuts that you pay more to cook your own food at your table, but I can not deny their dessert. What a GREAT IDEA! We enjoyed some great drinks and chocolate to end the evening.I will say that I ate WAY more than my date and got self conscious and stopped. I totally could of finished that entire plate of goodies. I should of just gone for it....but no girl wants to be that girl.

Now many of you who know me are aware of the Dewey Decimal system first date that I experienced a few years back. Now, I'm am still not sure who but this story came up and I told it in all its glory to Date 41 and I think he felt a lot better about himself. Rest assured guys, there is always someone out there that is worst that you at dating! :) (For reference, I went on a date with a guy who shared with me that he organized his personal bookshelf with the DEWY DECIMAL SYSTEM!!!)

All in all, the date was a nice evening of interesting conversation and difficult to eat food. Mark another date done....Date 42 is scheduled for Thursday! Get ready!