Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Date 24- Too deep too fast
Now we have had "to much too fast" and we have had "just to fast" but "TOO DEEP TOO FAST" is a new one for me. I have never been almost brought to tears on a date in my life, but I guess there is a first time for everything. Let me explain:

This is a new bachelor who I have had to reschedule our date three times due to scheduling conflicts, illness etc. Needless to say there was a lot of build up to this date and I honestly was not in the mode to be "dating" on this particular evening but I sucked it up and put on my big girl pants and went out. I met him at an old standby restaurant, Chili's! I used to LOVE this place but as I have graduated from OCU I feel as if I have also graduated from Chili's. It just doesn't do it for me anymore.

So after the initial chit chat of any first date about general topics, I decided to just jump right in and ask a very easy opening question that could take the conversation anywhere. I said,"so what's your story?" Now this bachelor didn't hesitate to provide me with a detailed description of his attributes mirroring his profile online. Normally this is not the expected answer to this questions. I was more aiming for info like: job, family, hobbies, friends, etc. I should of known then that this was just the beginning of the deep conversation we were about to embark on.

From here I got to relive my mother's battle with breast cancer as he shared the tragic story of his mothers death from the same disease along with a philosophical discussion regarding Catholicism in relation to my moral believes. Sounds like a bit much for Chili's right....
I will admit it was a very interesting conversation but not something I am looking for on a first date. First dates are meant to see if there is a potential connection to potentially move to the next layer of a person...not to go straight to the core and expose everything.

Lesson Learned: Too deep too fast is a turn off for most people if the connection isn't naturally there. In this case, it wasn't. I hate to say all of the stuff like he was a really nice guy but not for me stuff but in this case it is very true.

Date 25 recap will follow....one more date to 26!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Date 22 and 23

I need to apologize! I have gotten very behind on the blog b/c my neighbor put a password on their internet...boo! So yesterday I bit the bullet and got my own.

Date 22: Date 22 came with a bit of pressure b/c it was the bachelor's birthday! I left the evenings plans up to him and he decided to invite me over to watch some football! As many of you know, I am totally the type of girl who loves that kind of date so I was totally game. The only real variable in this was the birthday component. I decided that my best play would be to show up with Sara Sara Cupcakes to celebrate. There were a huge hit, but we had to run out and buy milk to go wit them. This guy has been moving slow and steady but he did pick up the pace at bit with this date, if you get the picture. (nothing crazy...lol).

Date 23: This is the first out of town date. I have debated whether to count it but feel like it had all the components of a date and deserves a mention on the blog. Details will be very limited on this on though..just forewarning you all.

I had the opportunity to meet a gentlemen while I was traveling for work and made a quick connection. We hung out throughout the week and got to know each other pretty well. The official date is going to be counted on the last night when we went out for drinks together and enjoyed some live jazz.

Sorry for the lack of details but this one will remain unspoken about, at least on the blog.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Date 21......low key evening

Date #21-

Date 21 was a repeat date with the same slow but steady dater from earlier dates. From my experience with this bachelor on previous dates, I could tell he would be slow to make any sort of move and the atmosphere had to be just right or he would chicken out.

So, I took it upon myself to propose a low pressure date of dinner and an on-demand movie at his apartment. (would of offered mine up but you all know i am a disaster and can't keep the damn thing clean). I was actually suppose to meet him at his house at 7pm but I woke up from an evening nap at 6:30 so confused at where I was, where I had to be and what day it was. It took me a few minutes to reorientate myself and get focuses on my date.

I met him at his apartment and we went straight for Chinese food! Honestly, I had been craving it for weeks so I was totally excited about it. Dinner conversations was great as usual and we planned to head back to his immaculately clean apartment to watch a movie.

As i mentioned in a previous blog, this kid is a slow but steady dater and this date proved no different. It took 45 minutes into the movie for him to even attempt to hold my hand. I laugh at this but at the same time love how genuine the entire process has been with this guy. After the completion of the movie, I waited around 20-30 minutes to give him time to get up the courage to kiss me, but he didn't. So, I threw in the towel and put my shoes on and headed out the front door. I turned around to give him a good bye hug....this has become normal for us, and he held on longer than previous hug encounters and gave me a good night kiss that was truly innocent and sweet. Nothing huge but enough to show we were making progress.

Ok...so as many of you know this bachelor is still very unaware of this 52 in 52 dating adventure and I am not sure I can break it to him this late in the game. So many of you feel that I need to tell the guy but I have decided to keep this secret and not share. My reasons:

1) because i don't want to tell him
2) other bachelors saw the 52 in 52 as a green light for fast paced dating, this guy is moving at his own speed and I don't want to interrupt that now
3) he has never asked a question that would allow me to bring it up naturally.....so i haven't
4) its makes it more real if he doesn't know

I realize these are not the best reasons, but i am gonna go with them!

Potential for two dates this weekend, so stay tuned!