Friday, May 29, 2009

Here we go.....Week #1

Mission: Week #1
Thanks to my good pal Holly, it looks like I have a secured the first date for Week #1.  Details are still yet to be determined but i am happy to see that my dating campaign has at least intrigued a few eligible bachelors.  Just because we have secured #1, that should not stop all of you from digging into your vaults to help fill 2-52. 
I have had tons of questions about the logistics of the dates, so I thought I would clarify a bit on the plan.  If i do end up liking one of the daters, i am allowed to go on a second date. Multiple dates with one suitor are allowed in the documented rules. Just like my brother enforced the rules of Monopoly, they only matter when they benefited him! So....the rules are flexible to put it simply. 

 If I fall in love (still doubtful on this one), we will just cross that bridge when we get to it.  Honestly, i do not feel that it is necessary to set up provisions for these scenarios, as they are difficult to predict and not on my radar at this current time.  Just getting date at this point, can be a miracle in itself. One thing a time....

I am looking for your thoughts on the next issue: Attire! Would it make sense to wear that same outfit on every date for consistency..or at least have some staples that we invest in for this adventure. A small rotation if you will.   Thoughts? 

Keep specifics to come

Thursday, May 28, 2009

BIO: Mary Jo

First of all, this is Allison, MJ's online accomplice for this mission.  Since it would seem egotistical for MJ to write a bio of herself, I will write one for her.  

Mary Jo Hope was born July 18, 1984.  Since then, she has accomplished quite a bit.  She graduated from Oklahoma City University (where she met me) in 2006 and now works for a great downtown OKC non-profit organization.  She is a sports enthusiast and an avid Kansas Jayhawks fan.

She also likes a good costume party.  

She doesn't, however, like beer, coffee, or maple syrup.  
(this is a apple cider)

She travels frequently and has almost visited all 50 states.  If you need a date for a wedding in Alaska, she's your girl.  And yes, that would count toward the 52.

That's about all I am going to reveal about Mary Jo Hope.  If you want to know more, apply for a date.


The Rules

The most amazing, and SINGLE, Mary Jo Hope, has initiated a challenge.  She will go on 52 dates in 52 weeks.  The rules are as follows:
  • The total of all dates over the the 52 week period of time (June 2009-June 2010) must be 52 or greater.
  • Multiple dates with the same person are acceptable.
  • Setting Mary Jo up on blind dates is acceptable and encouraged.
  • Must be male, straight, and in between the ages of 21-40.
Feel free to email to make date suggestions.