Monday, May 31, 2010

Date 49- In the Neighborhood

Date 49 was an online dater who was not aware of his role in my adventure. Little did he know I was on the start of a dating roll!

Date 49 suggested we meet at 7:30 at Sage. I included the time for a reason. I walked over to my neighborhood dining spot about 7:30 and meet up with Date 49. The menu was already on the table so I started reviewing it and said "I'm starving." Date 49 said he had already eaten and thought we were just meeting for drinks. Now, I could of misread the invitation but when someone suggests meeting at date dinner time at a restaurant and is sitting at a table, not the bar I guess I would think that dinner is involved. MY BAD........

We actually had really interesting conversation! His childhood was not normal and I enjoyed learning about someone unique. His parents are missionaries and he lived out of the country all through high school but couldn't stay away from OU and had to come back to Sooner country. Boomer!

Honestly the conversation was easy but nothing earth shattering. Easy going but after 2 hours I thought it was time to wrap it up. Date 49 went to the restroom. I am friends with the bartender and thought it would help speed things along if he brought the check. So...i asked them to. Not that I wasn't having fun but I think I can only have so much first date conversation.

The funniest part of this date actually happened after Date 49 left. I walked back by the restaurant on the way home and the waiter stopped me and said "I know I don't know you, but you can do way better than that guy!" I almost died laughing because the guy is right. I asked him why he felt like this and he described the awkward moments that occurred previous to my arrival at the restaurant. Apparently he has some issues picking the perfect table and had some weird exchanges with the waiter. I chalk it up to nerves but it still makes me chuckle.

Overall, Date 49 was a super nice guy and I enjoyed the evening. If these is a next time I hope that he can loosen up and have fun!

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  1. You should have asked that waiter out! I like him.