Thursday, June 3, 2010

Date 52- LAST ONE!!!!!

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to hear about Date 52. In a movie script, I think I would end up falling head of heels in love with Date 52......if only we lived in the movies.

First off, props to my good friends Carri and Spencer for this set up! But not only did they set up the date, they went on it with me! (Double Date). Now for those of you who are avid blog readers, you will remember I tried this early on in the process (Date 4) and it proved difficult. Would Date 52 turn out the same way.......?

The crew picked me up from my house (technically this breaks my only rule) but at this point.....who cares! We headed to a local hot spot for some delicious mexican. Conversation was easy and everyone had a great time at the table but it did prove difficult to ask Date 52 questions about himself because everyone at the table besides myself knew the answer so it seemed silly.

LESSON LEARNED: Double dates can be great but should not be first dates

Date 52 was extremely laid back and easy to chat with. I honestly wish we could of chatted longer because I think we had more in common than we had time to figure out. After dinner we headed to Bricktown for a movie. You can learn a great deal about a person based on what movie premieres they enjoy. We played the thumbs up/thumbs down game during the previews and DAte 52 and I had the same rankings for movies. So...thats a plus!

After the movie, we headed over to marble slab for a treat. I won't lie, I was feeling REALLY guilty that this guy had paid for my dinner and movie ticket and he didn't even really know me or get the chance to know me. So I totally pulled the independent women card and paid for everyone's ice cream. You can blame my mother for this trait. I think he was shocked and I can't tell if offended him or not. Some guys are stuck on things like this, but as you can tell I AM NOT TRADITIONAL! Is it nice when I guy holds a door for you,yes. But after awhile, it looses it's luster.

Date 52 and company dropped me off at my front door. After they were gone, I won't lie. I threw up my hands and did a little jig in my middle of the street. I FINISHED!! I walked down to the local bar (location of Date 49) and had a martini by myself at the bar. IT WAS DELICIOUS:)

I wish something crazy and outrageous would of happened on Date 52...but it didn't..

Now that I am finished I will blog some of the behind the scene things that I left out over this past year and a final recap of what I learned on my dating adventure. So...don't stop reading even though I stopped dating.

Thanks for all the support over the last year.

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